Sharism Lab has just team up with some friends and people to come up with a Chinese translation for some of the most interesting documents about Data Journalism out there. Book, online courses, video, articles, we aim at coming up with some usable materials to empower young learners with knowledge from the master of this emerging field. We are now looking for people to join our translators team, so if you are a Chinese speaker interested in these topics, feel free to read on our project homepage at .

What we have decided to translate first :

  • The Data Journalism Handbook : A project created during Mozilla Fest in London that gather feedbacks, advices and examples from the most active figures of data journalism from New York Times, Guardian, Owni and many others
  • The journalism at the age of Data : A full online course by Stanford University about how to understand the changes of the profession and how to pratically start with data journalism
If you are interested in this project, send us a short presentation at or on our discussion group
Here is the composition of our team so far :
  • 沈浩 教授
  • 丁迈 教授
  • 章戈浩 助理教授
  • 马金馨
  • 沈则潜
    视物致知创始人之一,目前就职于eBay Research Labs。热爱可视化和数据分析,关注大数据,Hadoop和开源可视化平台的发展。同时也是本项目主要成员之一。
  • Clément Renaud