Recently, we have been conducting lots of research on how to achieve global social media analysis. We finally come up with a new methodology based on Sharism philosophy called Social Brain Framework. It throws the foundation for the future of a larger program investigating collective intelligence, memes and other social networks phenomenons. Here is the general introduction :

What is Social Brain Framework?

Social Brain Framework (SBF) is a set of concepts and tools to analyze online social interactions. Using the analogy of (human) brain, it provides new methods to lead Social Network Analysis (SNA) in borrowing methodologies from neurology, linguistics, psychoanalysis, sociology and computer science.

Connecting social neurons

We envision the formation of a Social Brain through the remote and direct connections between individuals through Internet services. Conceived on the analogy of a human brain, Social Brain is the anatomic body of this sharing process. Primary entities are called social neuron or seuron forming a large network of billions of neurons and trillions of connections. They represent all human and non-human (animal, things, machines) forms of beings taking part into the human society (yet through the Internet network).


Why SBF?

The new participatory practices of knowledge let us imagine how a composite form of collective intelligence can emerged. Though, the very high complexity of sets and subsets of interactions through different networks let us with nothing but a feeling of dizziness. We need a conceptual image for a better representation and description of ongoing phenomenons. We also need a set of tools to investigate all available data produced during all those generative exchanges. SBF offers a mental images and a real-life toolset to achieve such high-end objectives.

How to use SBF?

SBF has been designed for experiments and research purposes but is intended to be used for any types of operations, following needs of its user. SBF integrates functions for requesting, formatting and processing available data about social neurons and their interactions on social networks. All those information are stored in SBF database and can be reached through its API.

Let’s make it !

We need you to join our efforts, to create a team of energy that will study together how we could implement the social brain framework. People who provides time, vision, code, ideas around this wide concept and will eventually make it real.

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